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Your Septic Solution

Take care of your septic tank by pumping out the contents on a regular basis. D & J Septic Tank provides this service to homeowners, property managers, and real estate agents throughout Tallahassee, Florida, and other areas. If your septic tank gets backed up, we can also provide a portable toilet.

Septic Excavation

Preventative Maintenance

Let us pump out your septic tank to remove solids so they do not get into the drain field. Our team of skilled and reliable professionals recommends performing a septic pumping service every three to five years for proper care. This is to prevent backups or damage to your septic system in the future.

Our septic tank maintenance includes locating your septic tank and digging it up to remove the plug, washing the tank out, and also cleaning the filter if you have an outlet or inlet device. Once we are done cleaning everything out and ensuring it is working smoothly, we cover the tank back up. Our experts will ensure your lawn is returned to its original condition.